Numismatic stories and slide presentations Wins Two NLG Awards in Anaheim!

The awards banquet of the Numismatic Literary Guild at the Anaheim ANA in early August 2016 was a particularly joyous event. As you might expect from a grand conclave of your peers! 

I was honored to win the NLG's "Best Non-Commercial Website" award again in 2016, after my surprise win in Chicago in 2015. Recognition of what I am trying to accomplish here is most gratifying, and rewards the effort involved in tripling the size of the site over the last year. Thank you NLG.

I was also honored -- and surprised -- to win the NLG Award for "Best Online Paper Money Article" for an academic approach to a fascinating question: Why didn't Jackson's Supreme Court end the authority of banks to issue paper money? It was fun to use as many quotes as possible, listening to arguments made by lawyers and judges in their own words.  I remain amused at the total avoidance of the question regarding the plaintiffs: Why was the paper money not "unconstitutional" when they borrowed it... only when it was time to pay it back? Again, thank you to the Numismatic Lliterary Guild, and to all the judges.