Numismatic stories and slide presentations

ALL WE LIKE SHEEP is a 33-minute multimedia article (originally written as an Apple Keynote 'slide' presentation examining a key numismatic topic: how much does art reflect the times? Music runs the gamut from Gregorian to Johnny Cash! Watch and enjoy. There is no narration (yet); everything I had to say is on the slides.

You have multiple options for viewing:

1) Watch the complete presentation as a .PDF file; this is currently & SLOWLY loading BELOW on this page.

2) I have broken the presentation into four smaller parts; click here to get to that page [link in process of being built]

3) If you have Apple Keynote, send me an email, and I'll send you a link to my cloud to view it -- with all the music and transitional effects.

4) If you are a coin club and want to use this as your presentation, send me an email at I'll send you a .pdf & QuickTime versions or online access to the Keynote version; in most cases, I can telephone in to your meeting. Or travel for local shows.

​5) Working on loading Keynote here -- but no success yet!​