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In Part Three, we continue to look at evidence and visual clues, including fine art and other Roman antiquities. We focus on several problematic notes that have been identified as Ceres -- but is she? 

In Part TWO, we start looking at the images of Agriculture' women on Obsolete notes. Do these vignettes depict Ceres? Another Goddess or Personification? Or are they more realistic depictions of hard-working Pioneer Women? In short, when is a vignette of an American woman a real woman, and when is she a Roman goddess? And do bared breasts make a real woman, or a real goddess?

In Part One, we will examine Ceres as she appears on several centuries of Roman coinage. We are particularly looking for her accoutrement which define her identity. You would correctly expect the Goddess of Agriculture to have a cornucopia, and you would be correct -- much as Justice has scales and Liberty a capped pole. The problems start when Commerce has a cornucopia, or Mercury, or...

CERES, Goddess of Agriculture:

From Roman Coins to American Obsolete Currency!

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