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​​Bob Korver's writings can be found all over the web and in print. (Bob to his friends and for fun writing; Robert Bruce Korver for more formal works, R. Bruce Korver when feeling pretentious, and under all sorts of names when ghostwriting). His bibliography has a few thousand items in it, but the most important will eventually be found here! More than 100 major auction catalogs were produced under his direction.

A professional numismatist, marketing expert, and museum professional for three decades, Bob has worked at places like the Smithsonian Institution and Colonial Williamsburg, and directed auctions at commercial firms such as Bowers & Ruddy Rare Coins, and Heritage Numismatic Auctions.

The works on this website are hopefully insightful, but all are designed for your enjoyment.​

A few of the more interesting or unusual events and accomplishments in my life.

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A complete biography may be done someday; in the meantime, some career highlights.

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