Numismatic stories and slide presentations

"LIFE IMITATING ART (Or Something Very Much Like That" is mostly NOT about numismatics. But it was inspired by our belief that the coins and currency that we love reflect the spirit and the values of the times that produce them. We expect art to imitate life.

But what happens when Life Imitates Art? When we start with the imaginary or the fantastical?

This is a 15-minute Keynote (Apple) slide show that invites viewers to recommend additional topics for future exploration. Look at it, and see if it changes your perception of some of the world around you!

You have multiple options for viewing:

1) Watch the complete presentation as a .PDF file by clicking on the blue button. 

2) If you have Apple Keynote and want to watch with all the transition effects, send me an email, and I'll send you a link to my cloud to view it; or a Keynote disc.

3) If you are a coin club and want to use this as your presentation, email me at I'll send you a .pdf version, a PowerPoint export, or access to the Keynote version; in most cases, I can telephone in to your meeting if you wish. Or travel for local shows.

​4) Working on loading Keynote here -- but no success yet! Tech support says it won't happen. We'll see...